Seriously? I need to do this? If someone’s reading this then they already know what copyright is and that just nicking one’s work without any accreditation is a major no-no, right?

Well, I’ll put this here anyway, just in case I discover someone infringing my copyright. I’m not going to explain what copyright is, google it. In short – if you ask me if you can use my images for non-profit usage, then chances are I’m going to agree (BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO ASK FIRST!).

If I find my images being used without my permission then you can expect a bill of £1000 per image per iteration (per iteration means each time it is displayed – so if you put it on a website and it gets a thousand views…. well I’ll let you do the maths). I bet you think that’s steep. It’s a lot cheaper TO ASK FOR PERMISSION.

How to get permission?

Fill in the following form, in the comment box put the title of the image you’d like to use (the title of the post), and for what purpose including any links if it’s going on a website. I’ll then get back in touch with you to work out the finer points.


That is all. Have a tip top day y’all.

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